Monday 8 November 2021

A visit to Rhodes Old Town

On our recent holiday to Rhodes, Greece, we spent a few happy hours wandering around Rhodes Old Town and so I thought that I'd share a few photos!

We reached Rhodes by bus from the stop just outside our hotel near Faliraki. The buses were easy to use and very cheap, but the bus that we took was very crowded with standing room only. If you don't fancy the bus there are plenty of taxis to take you from place to place around Rhodes, with clear pricing structures so you know exactly how much you'll be paying.

If you are planning a visit to Rhodes Old Town there are lots of historical walking routes that you can download, for example this Self-Guided Medieval Town Walking Tour which has plenty of information about all the sights. Alternatively, when you arrive there are plenty of maps around with suggested walking routes, just take a photo of one to follow. 

We followed a simple circular route through the old town which took in the main sights, and then we just wandered off if we saw a street that looked particularly interesting. 

Rhodes old town shopping street

There were plenty of cafes and restaurants, and also lots of tourist shops selling souvenirs. We found that the prices for touristy gifts were very cheap compared to other places that we've visited. For example Harry collects magnets and we would usually pay about 5 Euro, but here they were usually just 1 Euro. So we bought a few bits and pieces here and there, I found some bracelets and Mia's eye was caught by many shops selling her favourite popit fidget toys. 

Rhodes old town historical buildings

There are plenty of lovely old buildings to admire. We had to wait our turn to take a photo of the staircase and door below which was a very popular spot! The Street of the Knights was also one of our favourite areas, a narrow cobbled street which is one of the best preserved medieval streets in Europe. 

Rhodes old town balcony building

Kolona Harbour is located in the old town, accessed through a gate in the city walls and with a path that runs beneath them. There are lots of smaller fishing boats moored here and it's a lovely walk along the edge looking back towards the old city. 

Rhodes old town boats in the harbour

There are also a couple of amazing boats selling sea shells and other marine bits and pieces that are all beautifully displayed, you could stand here and gaze for hours!

Rhodes harbour ship selling sea shells

If you are visiting Rhodes island I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Old Town, it's a great place to explore, shop and spend time.

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  1. It looks and sounds like you had a great trip. What a beautiful place to visit x


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