Wednesday 24 November 2021

Mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments

Recently on the blog I shared some free mini Christmas themed pixel art motifs that can be used for many crafts, including cross stitch and Hama beads. I love working with mini Hama beads in particular, so I decided to use my designs to make some sweet little mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments. They could be used for Christmas cardmaking, as little cake decorations, as Advent calendar fillers or for all sorts of Christmas crafty projects!

If you are new to working with mini Hama beads you might like my post A complete guide to crafting with mini Hama beads. 

To make these mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments I used my free Christmas pixel art designs which you can find below. They are also available to download as a .pdf file here for easy printing - Mini Christmas pixel art designs to download.

Mini Christmas pixel art cross stitch designs and patterns for free

To create my designs I used a large square mini Hama bead pegboard, and you could also use the small square pegboard. When working with the mini Hama beads I find it necessary to use tweezers to place the beads on the board. They are very tiny and can be very fiddly to craft with! When you are happy with the position of your beads on the board then you need to cover them with ironing paper (baking paper will also work) and iron them very carefully.

Mini Hama bead Christmas designs on pegboard

To iron mini Hama beads I use the iron on a low setting and hold over the beads for a very short period of time, probably less than a second. There is an art to ironing these tiny beads which comes with practice. I iron my designs on both sides to make sure that the beads are firmly fused.

If you are new to crafting with Hama beads you might find this post helpful - Ironing tips for Hama beads

Then your mini Hama bead embellishments are finished! They are surprisingly durable and I love how they look when complete. Each one measures about 3cm in height. They are really fun to make, and I can think of all sorts of uses for these little pieces. 

Mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments

For example, I used some of them to make some mini Christmas Hama bead pin badges which are a great way to decorate a festive outfit or hat.

Mini Hama bead Christmas pin badges

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