Monday 6 November 2017

Vlogmas inspiration - a list of ideas for Christmas videos

Last year for the first time I took part in Vlogmas - a daily video uploaded to YouTube in the run up to Christmas. I only decided to take part on the evening of November 30th, so it was all very last minute and I'd already missed filming a few Christmas moments, but I managed to complete the challenge, and I love having all our Christmas memories captured on video for us to look back on.

Vlogmas ideas for Christmas videos and vlogs

I've not decided yet whether or not to take part this year, but if I do I'm definitely going to be a lot more organised and come up with a few ideas in advance for those days when inspiration doesn't strike. So I thought I'd share them here in case you are looking for any ideas to fill your Vlogmas calendar!


* Advent calendars - do you have one for yourself or do you arrange them for your children? What sorts of things are inside? Do you buy a new one each year or do you have a reusable Advent Calendar?

* Film a trip to the local garden centre to share the themes, decorations, lights, any unusual Christmas decorations that they have, fun gift ideas

* How does your local town centre decorate for Christmas? Is there a celebrity turning the lights on or fireworks afterwards? You might be able to film carol singers or a band playing in the town centre and any Christmas window displays or Christmas street food

* Take a trip around your neighbourhood or estate and film some of the decorated houses, is there somewhere local to you that is well known for decorated houses? Share with your viewers in case they are looking for somewhere to visit!

* Film putting up your Christmas tree, I've seen some fun stop motion videos of the tree being assembled and decorated

* Show us your Christmas tree when it is fully decorated and tell us the stories behind your favourite ornaments

* Visit a Christmas market and film the things for sale, food and drink, any entertainment, rides and so on

* Film your visit to the school or local Christmas fair, having fun playing the games, maybe a visit to Father Christmas and a go on the tombola

* A trip to the pantomime or other Christmas show

* Share a Christmas recipe - this can inspire several videos. Share your favourite simple Christmas treat or a longer project like making a Christmas gingerbread house

* Share a Christmas craft - again you can make several videos for different crafts. You could do your own take on a popular classic craft (making sure to give credit for any inspiration)

* Video a Christmas day out, perhaps a visit to a local attraction that has extra Christmas activities organised and festive decorations

* The school Nativity show or play - while you shouldn't share video that shows other children, you can interview your own child about the show and their part in it (in costume would be brilliant!) and get them to sing some of the songs for you at home by your Christmas tree

* How do you wrap your presents? Do you have a special technique that you can demonstrate? Share some favourite wrapping paper and other wrapping related purchases that you've bought this year

* If you have several areas of the house decorated for Christmas take us on a house tour

* Christmas Eve - what do you get up to? Maybe do a day in the life as you finish Christmas shopping, pick up the turkey, open the box of chocolates while you do some last minute wrapping, and hang up the stockings

Vlogs direct to camera

* Have a chat with your children about Christmas, prepare some questions in advance for example 'what time will you get up on Christmas morning', 'what is your favourite Christmas food', 'what songs did you dance to at your Christmas party'

* Interview your children about what presents they are hoping for and what presents they think other people would like

* Ask friends and family members to share a Christmas memory about you on camera and edit them together, you could end up with a fun selection of anecdotes ranging from your favourite present as a child to a work Christmas party memorable moment!

* Your favourite Christmas memories

* Your Christmas traditions, what do you do every year? If you have children, has that inspired you to start any new traditions?

* What are your favourite Christmas songs? Can you sing them?!

* See if there is a Vlogmas tag going around with different Christmas questions to answer, there often is! If you can't spot one, why not come up with your own list of questions and tag fellow vloggers to answer them, or ask your viewers to suggest questions

I hope that there is something here to inspire you, good luck!

You can see all my videos from Vlogmas 2016 below!

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