Wednesday 21 March 2018

Hama bead coaster designs

I love crafting with Hama beads, both with the children and myself. I even have a Hama beads page on this blog! I particularly like making something which has a purpose, and I've found myself returning to making Hama bead coasters several times, often based around a seasonal theme. So I thought I'd share some of the Hama bead coasters that I've made over the last few years, along with some other lovely designs that I've spotted around the internet.

Hama bead coaster designs

These Hama bead Diwali coasters are based on rangoli designs and make great decorations for Diwali. They were some of my very first Hama bead designs and I loved coming up with different ways to fill the pegboard, choosing colours that I felt went well together. Although I made them at Diwali they would also suit occasions throughout the year and could be made using all sorts of different colours.

Hama bead rangoli for Diwali

I made these Halloween Hama bead coasters for a Halloween party with the children, and they also make great Halloween decorations. Again using the circular pegboard, I loved the challenge of fitting different designs into the space available, and working with the curved bead placement.

Halloween Hama bead coasters

These Autumn leaf Hama bead coasters use the square pegboard and a selection of Autumnal colours to produce two different leaf designs. They look lovely lined up against my windowsill, I do love the vibrant colours.

Autumn leaf Hama bead coasters

Finally another seasonal design, some Easter egg Hama bead coasters. Again using the square pegboard and making use of a selection of beads in pastel colours. The egg design is based on the one that I used for my mini Hama bead Easter cake toppers, and it's a simple shape that can be customised in lots of different ways, for example with strips, spots and small flowers.

Easter egg Hama bead coasters

If you are looking for more Hama bead coaster designs, here is some fab inspiration:

Hama bead coasters with flowers

Happy Hama beading!

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