Monday 5 March 2018

Twinkl Green Week 2018

From the 5th to 11th March 2018, Twinkl will be holding Twinkl Green Week, an event aimed at supporting educators and children to think about environmental issues, and how they can take positive steps to lessen their carbon footprint and be more green.

Twinkl have provided a wide range of resources for subscribers which aim to teach children about a range of important enviromental issues, including plastic, recycling, reusing, reducing and endangered animals. Many of these resources are themed to tie in with the new eBook The Messy Magpie which can be found here - The Messy Magpie eBook (Twinkl subscriber resource). The book introduces us to Morris the Magpie as he discovers the damage that his habit of collecting rubbish has caused to his forest, and follows along with him as he learns about recycling.

My children both loved reading the book and I printed them out some of the related activities. When it comes to printing, Twinkl provide ink saving alternatives which save both ink and money and I always choose these as there is only a slight difference in quality which makes no difference to us. Also, many of the resources are provided as digital Powerpoint presentations which require no printing at all for classroom use.

Twinkl The Messy Magpie board game

While the story was still fresh in our minds we started with the Messy Magpie Board Game (Twinkl subscriber resource). It's a simple game to play, you just need to work your way around the board to the recycling centre. But on the way you need to answer some questions about the story, a great way to test reading comprehension and make the game more competitive!

Harry has been learning about grid references at school, so I was pleased to find these Messy Magpie Grid References Activity Sheets (Twinkl subscriber resource). Children need to go to each grid reference and colour in the square accordingly. Harry's not normally one for colouring, but he loved the challenge of working out what colour he needed to use.

Twinkl Green Week resources

Mia on the other hand loves colouring, so I printed her some colour by number sheets based on simple sums which were just the right level for her. We started with the Addition Facts up to 20 Maths Mosaic Activity Sheet (Twinkl subscriber resource) and she was delighted to watch the picture take shape.

Twinkl educational resources for Green Week

We also have the Subtraction Facts up to 20 Maths Mosaic Activity Sheet (Twinkl subscriber resource) ready for another day, and she requested the Messy Magpie Word Search (Twinkl subscriber resource) which contains lots of related words, great to keep little ones occupied for a few minutes.

Twinkl resources for teaching about the environment

There are so many resources that there is sure to be something to suit your child's current interest or support a topic that they are learning about at school. For example, Harry has shown quite an interest in recycling recently, so he was really interested in this Recycling Symbol Detectives Activity Sheet (Twinkl subscriber resource) which can be used to identify products around the house that are suitable for recycling.

You can find all the resources here - Twinkl Green Awareness Week, and although these resources require a subscription to download there will also be some free resources released through the week.

I am a Twinkl blogger and have been provided with a Platinum subscription.

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