Wednesday 25 November 2015

20 blog post ideas for crafty blogs

I love making lists, and I regularly brainstorm ideas for blog posts. Lately I've been spending a lot of time crafting and I think that this has been reflected more and more lately in the content that I've been publishing on my blog. So I thought I'd share a list of blog post ideas that I came up with for craft blogs, many of which would also work for blogs in other niches.

20 crafty blog post ideas for craft bloggers inspiration

1 - What you've been working on lately - A summary of your current crafty diversions along with in progress photographs. BeingMrsC does this really well with a regular crafty catch up post, it's especially good if you've been sharing the odd picture on social media as it lets your readers catch up fully with where you are at on a project.

2 - A list of current works in progress - Not necessarily things that you are working on at the moment, but a good way to keep a record of those dusty and unfinished projects stuffed in drawers that you really do intend to complete one day. Here's my list - Unfinished craft projects.

3 - A new craft that you'd like to try - Perhaps create a Pinterest board with examples that have inspired you, and then link to the board in your post. Pick out particular examples, along with photographs (make sure that you have permission to post them) and write about why this craft appeals to you, or what has stopped you from giving it a go. For example, I'd like to try quilling but I've been putting it off because I'm not sure what I'd do with the finished work.

4 - Pinterest Wins - Things you've made inspired by Pinterest that you were really proud of. Here are my Pinterest Wins!

5 - Pinterest Fails - Conversely, things that you attempted inspired by Pinterest that didn't turn out quite as well as you had hoped.

6 - How you store your craft supplies - Any storage solutions that you are particularly proud of? Or perhaps a wishlist of storage items that you'd like to own. Again, you could embed a Pinterest board where you've collected together some crafty storage ideas.

7 - Pictures of your crafting stash - Crafters love stash photos that they can compare to their own. They don't need to be particularly well organised or staged for the photos - just heaps of yarn, piles of washi tape or stacks of coloured paper that fellow crafters can drool over! If you dabble in lots of different crafts this could even form a series of blog posts!

8 - Update on a long term project - When I was working on my cross stitch sampler I posted regular updates about how I was getting on. It felt fantastic to be able to publish my final post with a photograph of the completed work, and of course link back to all the previous updates.

9 - A round up post - Group together a selection of your own blog posts that are linked by a common theme, perhaps seasonally or using the same materials in different ways. A great way to draw attention to older posts that would otherwise get lost in your back catalogue.

10 - What inspires you? - Share a photograph of a place or object that inspires you or gave you inspiration for a particular project, and write about it.

11 - How do you fit in your crafting? - Do you have to slot in your crafting time around other commitments, like work or family? What tips can you share about what works for you?

12 - Write a review - Review a piece of craft equipment that you use regularly, particularly a piece of expensive kit that people will be researching online. If you own several different tools that do the same job, for example different brands, compare and contrast them.

13 - Crowdsource for a post - Ask other people for their thoughts and options - Facebook is great for this, whether in a group, your blog page, or from your personal profile. You could ask people what in particular they enjoy about their favourite crafts, ideas on the best places to purchase materials and equipment, or to share a photograph of something they've made that they are particularly proud of. Offering a link back will generally get an excellent response from fellow bloggers and you can easily write it all up into an interesting and useful blog post.

14 - Compile a list of your favourite crafty bloggers, tweeters or Instagram accounts - Pick out people that you can recommend to others, and make sure to let those featured know that they've been included. If you tag them on social media there is a good chance that they will share your post with their own followers.

15 - Start a regular weekly or monthly themed post - Perhaps a regular catch up on what you've been working on, or take a look at a different craft or technique each time. As you get into a routine you might even want to make it a linky so that other bloggers can join in and add their own related posts.

16 - Challenge yourself to try something new - and blog your progress. Write about what made you choose this craft, what materials you needed and how you chose them, how you taught yourself - link to books that you used or videos that you watched. Ask readers to offer help and advice if it's something that you are finding tricky.

17 - Round up links to your social media channels - to remind people where they can find you when you aren't posting on your blog. Especially the social networks where you share photographs and updates on your crafty endeavours like Instagram or Pinterest. You could expand the blog post by discussing the things that you like and dislike about each platform, and perhaps suggest a few of your favourite people to follow on each. You could also offer tips to help connect with like-minded people, for example hashtags that you use or groups that you are a member of.

18 - Share some pre-blogging craft projects - Have a look around your house for things that you made before you started your blog and share some pictures. These will probably be some of your favourite finished projects, and it's great to remind yourself how much you enjoy having them around.

19 - Write a wishlist or gift guide - Either things that you would like for yourself, or things you've spotted that you know other crafters would love. You could keep it general or go for things along specific themes - like gift guides for different age groups or for people with specific interests. It may also be a great post to point people towards when your Birthday or Christmas is approaching!

20 - Change it up completely - and write about something completely different. Write about a recent day out that you've enjoyed, share one of your favourite recipes, perhaps blog a book or film review or discuss something that you've read about in the news.
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Finally, I've gathered many of these ideas together to form an entire year of blog post inspiration!

You might spot me using some of these ideas in the future - and they are all blog posts that I'd love to read! If you use any of these ideas please do feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below so that I can see and share it!


  1. A great list of ideas for craft posts, I always feel I need to do how to guides but I'm now inspired to showcase other types of posts

  2. I'm really not a crafty person - I would have a whole host of Pintrest fails if I tried ;) But I love watching your projects on the likes of IG, they are always so impressive! I think I can totally adapt this list to help me write posts on our travels, I am off to brain storm!

    1. Thank you! Yes I think that it could quite easily be adapted to come up with ideas for blogs in other niches.

  3. Great tips, I am not crafty but I do have a project coming up that I am really excited byy and will be bloggng it!

  4. Brilliant list. Sadly I am not great at crafting, but I could apply this to food or photography couldn't I? :)

  5. some of these are great ideas - i hadn't thought about doing pinterest fails! haha my list could be a mile long of things i've failed at! - thanks for sharing, it's great to get a bit of inspiration x #thelist

    1. Thank you! I love reading about Pinterest fails, I have a few that I'm saving up!

  6. Such a great round-up of ideas huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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