Monday 16 November 2015

A look at my fiction bookshelf

When I visit someone's home I love looking at the books that they have on their shelves, so I thought I'd give you a glimpse at mine. I had a huge book clear out a year or two back when I got my Kindle, so I don't have that many physical books any more. Although I do sometimes buy or acquire new books, I generally pass them on when I've finished reading them, so these books really do represent the ones that are really special to me and I couldn't bear to part with.

This little bookcase isn't really a bookcase at all, it's actually a DVD unit from Ikea, and so it only holds small books. It is tucked away behind a door in the study so it's not really on display, unlike my larger bookcase which holds my reference and non-fiction books along with lots of other bits and pieces.  I like to think that it's an interesting, and perhaps slightly random, collection of books!

A look at the books on my fiction bookshelf

I've read all of these books more than once, and most of them several times. Many of them have been in my possession for years. The Red Dwarf book marks the last remnant of my teenage obsession with Red Dwarf. Similarly, my teenage fixation with Les Miserables is represented in a new paperback which protects my Grandma's old original hardback copy (now stored safely elsewhere).

There are copies of Daphne du Maurier books which are the same editions that I used to read from my parent's bookshelf and I found secondhand at some point. I love all her books, and although Rebecca is the classic my favourite is The Loving Spirit.

Nevil Shute is another author that has always appealed to me, I particularly love the descriptions of Australia which is one of my favourite countries. My favourite book is On The Beach, and and I've read it several times although it's not the most cheerful of books! On the Beach is included in the blue hardback trilogy and very indulgently I also have it as a separate paperback because I like it so much!

I've very much enjoyed the Harry Potter books and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series, and although I probably would have kept them anyway I'm holding on to them for the children to read in a few years time. Likewise the Ladybird Classics collection, they are all abridged versions of popular classics that will be a good introduction to the full books for the little ones.

The vintage copy of Jane Eyre was the first proper classic book that I read. My sister is a massive fan of Jane Eyre, and I'm not sure if she knows that the original family copy has ended up with me (or at least she didn't until now!) And talking of siblings, there's also a copy of my brother's very own book Enlightenment proudly on display.

It's perhaps not the prettiest collection of books, but it means a lot to me. Do you share any of my literary favourites?

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  1. I own the Harry Potter ones as well as the His Dark Materials all in one huge book, but that's it. I love how you display them!

    1. Thank you! The Harry Potter and His Dark Materials ones look so good on the shelves although they do take up quite a lot of room!


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