Monday 9 November 2015

Some Christmas accessories for Sylvanian Families using Fimo

I've always enjoyed crafting with Fimo, and now that the children are a little bit older it has become a craft that we can all do together. Both children surprise me with their creativity, and also their ability to sit still and concentrate for a reasonable amount of time in relative peace and quiet, allowing me the chance to work on my own projects.

As a Friend of Sylvanian Families Blogger we were sent the Chocolate Rabbit Family, and for our latest Fimo craft we worked together to make some Christmas decorations and accessories for them.

Fimo dolls house Christmas decorations

I started with some wrapped presents, because I thought that they would be quite simple for the children to help with. You just need to make a cube of coloured Fimo, then add a ribbon in a contrasting colour, looping the ends together to create a bow. I also made little gift tags using cream Fimo.  Mia loved helping with the presents, she chose the colours and made the ribbons herself for the boxes that I made.

I also tried my hand at a Christmas cracker which I was quite pleased with, I need to make a few more of these so that we can set the Christmas table properly!

Finally Harry made a gorgeous wreath with a lovely big red ribbon. He did it all himself and was so proud of it, as I think he should be!

Fimo dolls house Christmas decorations

The Sylvanian Families reside quite happily in Mia's dolls house, and these accessories are also the perfect size for her dolls house family.

Fimo dolls house Christmas decorations

We'll definitely be making a few more bits and pieces to make their home look really festive for Christmas. I'm wondering how difficult it would be to make some tiny paper chains, and of course they definitely need a Christmas tree!

Fimo dolls house Christmas decorations

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