Wednesday 9 August 2017

August - Lately I've been...

We are over halfway through our summer holidays now, and although it's hard work being surrounded by small children constantly I'm really enjoying the lack of routine, even if I seem to find myself constantly making food then tidying it up and walking about putting things away. So here's what I've been up to lately:

Thinking about

Any spare time over the last few weeks has been dominated by sorting out the photos on my blog after Photobucket changed their services. I don't want to think about how long I've spent re-uploading photos and editing old posts, suffice to say I spent at least four hours ever evening working on it and as much time as I could during the day as well for several weeks. Fingers crossed I've got it pretty much sorted now, although I'm sure that I've missed some somewhere.


I've not had much spare time for crafting lately thanks to Photobucket. I worked with Posca pens to decorate some flower pots, and I also managed to find the time to plan a Minecraft Day for the children, we've also been doing some of the craft kits that they have saved up from birthdays and Christmas.

Plant pots decorated with Posca pens


At the weekend I went along to a Hen do and we went to the Battle Proms at Highclere Castle. It was really good, there was a Spitfire doing a display to music, a Napoleonic Cavalry Display, cannons, classical music and fireworks at the end. I must admit that I did quite a lot more talking than watching though!

We are also very much enjoying the latest series of Game of Thrones, can't believe that we halfway through already! At least the story is moving along nice and quickly now, each episode is jam packed!


I seem to spend most of the day preparing food, eating food and then cleaning up after food. The children are always hungry! I'm snacking more than I should, especially because I've been buying biscuits and cake on the pretence that they are for the children but they are actually for time in September!

Travelling to

We had a lovely week at Center Parcs Elveden at the beginning of July, our first visit during the summer. The weather was nice enough for a couple of barbecues and we hired a pedalo out on the lake, it was a really lovely holiday.

Pedalo on the lake at Center Parcs


My reading of books has fallen by the wayside a little bit lately, but I've been managing to keep up with my blog reading which I'm pleased with. I have a long list of blogs that I'm subscribed to and I've been making an effort to work through it and keep up with them all, leaving comments if I have time.


Along with the photo sort out on my blog it has given me a few ideas of other jobs that I can do to keep everything in order. I deleted quite a lot of posts and it's definitely been making me think about quality over quantity when it comes to posting. I need to sort out my pages as they are getting quite large now, and think about concentrating on highlighting the best posts rather than trying to list everything out. I need to go back in and add pin buttons to my images, as I deleted them all when sorting out the photos otherwise I never would have got it done in time. I also want to go back and try and fit some more Amazon affiliate links into my older posts. These are all jobs that will have to wait until September though!

Looking forward to

We have almost four weeks left of the summer holidays and I'm still enjoying them. It's so nice not having to do the school run, packed lunches and so on, and I love the relaxed mornings. We have some nice things planned over the next few weeks, in particular a wedding over the Bank Holiday weekend which I'm looking forward to, it should be a fun day and also the chance to catch up with friends and their families. I'm not looking forward to the start of term at all, but ask me again in a couple of weeks and that might have changed!

What have you been up to lately?

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