Saturday 5 August 2017

The toddler and baby relationship - an update

As I mentioned a few days ago, thanks to Photobucket I am having to go back through every single one of my old blog posts and update them with new images. It's quite a mission but it's not all bad, and one of the positive things is that it's giving me the chance to go back to some of my very early posts and re-live some of those memories - one of the main reasons that I started blogging in the first place.

I started my blog when Mia was just six weeks old, and I'm really enjoying re-reading about those early months when I was learning to cope with two little ones. One post I found that I particularly loved was this one - The toddler and baby relationship. It's now almost six years later, and so I thought that it was time for an update!

Brother and sister hugging on the sofa

From the moment Mia was born, Harry adored her. He would introduce her to people when we were about and about, even strangers, as his little sister. Mia wasn't nearly as disruptive to Harry's play as I thought she might be, she has generally been respectful of his Lego models and other set ups. He's always been very patient with her, and he has quickly learned how to deal with her tantrums, even though that's often giving in to her and giving her what she wants!

Now when we are at home, Mia is always looking for Harry. When he isn't around, she's lost without anyone to play with and she gets upset if he wants to play his own game. Harry is an introvert and needs time to himself whereas Mia is more extroverted and thrives off spending time with others - which can cause problems between them sometimes if she won't leave him alone!

Mia wants to do everything that Harry does, and she isn't always impressed if he's sometimes allowed to stay up a bit later or to watch something that isn't quite suitable for her. They can also both get jealous if the other gets more attention, for example if they perceive that the other has had more hugs that day.

I learned quite early on that they would both need parenting differently. Harry is a sensitive chap, Mia is very temperamental (especially when she's hungry). While Harry's mood barely changes throughout the day, Mia's mood can swing from happy to angry in an instant, and then back again just as quickly. When I take Harry out by himself I just need a drink, when I take Mia out alone I need to pack a bag of snacks.

Both children miss each other during the school day, and they always greet each other after school with a big hug. They always want to know where the other one is and what they are doing. I really love how close they are, and I hope that it continues as they get older.

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