Friday 12 January 2018

My YouTube video challenge update

Last year I set myself a couple of video challenges as I set to work on my YouTube channel. You can read about them here - My YouTube and new video challenges for 2017.

Firstly I intended to make a video featuring a second of footage each day for 2017. I was very successful with this, and you can read about the video and view it here - 2017 in seconds.

My second challenge was to publish 52 videos in 2017 - a new video every week. This one didn't quite go according to plan. When I gave myself the challenge I was buoyed by my success with Vlogmas 2016, and after managing to publish 24 videos in December 2016 alone I thought that with a few holidays planned for the year I'd easily hit my target.

What I discovered though was that the more videos I published the lower my views were. I was getting so few views on videos that it hardly seemed worth making them, and I just didn't have the time to promote them when I was publishing so frequently. I did publish 29 videos over the year which I think is pretty good, and I'll probably aim for about one a month this year.

I find it quite difficult to predict which videos will do well, but I have noticed that videos with lots of views as soon as they are published seem to take off better, so it's worth getting on with promoting a video as soon as it's live. I shared a video taken at Center Parcs De Vossemeren on their Facebook page. They were good enough to reshare it immediately which led to lots of views straight away, and it is now my most viewed video of the year.

My next most viewed video from the year was the video that I made about the resort we stayed in on Fuerteventura - the Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park. In fact I have several similar videos which have all done very well, people clearly like to have a good look around a resort before they stay, or perhaps they are revisiting their holiday memories.

Some of my most recent videos are my favourites but they don't have many views yet, I'm hoping that they will pick up over time as I continue to re-promote them. My personal favourite video of the year is probably the one that I made of our family visit to Whipsnade Zoo, just because it brings back so many happy memories of a lovely day.

And that's the reason that I love making videos - I enjoy taking the footage and then editing it together to make a little video memory with our highlights from a day or a trip. So even though this type of video doesn't do particularly well for me, I'm still going to continue with them as a way of recording our memories - it's not all about the views!

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