Sunday 1 April 2018

Normans and Crusaders at Arundel Castle, April 2018

Arundel Castle Normans and Crusaders Event 2018

This weekend we visited Arundel Castle for the Normans and Crusaders event taking place over the Easter weekend. This is the first event of the season for Arundel Castle, and it's a chance to get a glimpse into 12th Century life.

With a few drops of rain threatening, we started our visit in the craft tent. Children had the choice of a crown, shield or catapult, and Mia went with a sparkly crown while Harry chose to make a catapult. Mia spent ages decorating her crown with pens and jewels...

Arundel Castle craft tent event

...and it didn't take Harry long to put together a catapult and practice firing small projectiles at a fantastic toy castle.

Arundel Castle making a catapult craft

Luckily after that it brightened up a bit, and so we explored the rest of the attractions outside. There was a cooking demonstration, birds of prey, and lots of other interesting things to see. Harry also had a go at archery!

Arundel Castle Normans and Crusaders event 2018

Throughout the day there were lots of different displays in the arena. We really enjoyed the weapons and armour demonstration, with real historical figures represented and lots of fascinating information about the clothing, weapons and also the castle itself.

Arundel Castle Normans and Crusaders armour demonstration

You can see a short video below showing some of the fun that we had at the event!

We also spent time exploring the castle rooms and keep - you can read more about what else there is to see at Arundel Castle in my blog post from last year - Arundel Castle, West Sussex.

We were provided with a family press pass in exchange for sharing our visit on social media and on my blog.

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