Friday 26 April 2019

Reasons that I've bought a book recently

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore? - Henry Ward Beecher

 Here are some of the reasons that I've bought a book recently...

* It was very cheap. I can't resist books at school book sales, the sale shelf at the library, or any kind of multiple purchase deal even if I'm only after one book. I've also recently discovered Amazon Marketplace where you can buy books in really good condition, sometimes very cheaply.

* I was going on holiday and wanted something new to read. Although I always take my Kindle, sometimes there's no substitute for a physical book, especially if you are planning to read on the beach or by the pool and don't the Kindle to be stolen or damaged.

* It was for the children. I'm quite strict with the number of toys that they own, but I feel that they can't have too many books, and I'd rather buy them a book than a magazine if I'm dragging them around the shops. At the moment they are both fixated on particular authors (Rick Riordan for Harry and Jacqueline Wilson for Mia) and so it's tempting to try and collect all the books in a set.

* For nostalgic reasons. I suddenly remember a book that I remember loving as a child and it makes me want to re-read it or it share it with my children. This was the case for Goodnight Mr Tom that I found at the school book sale.

* I follow the author on Twitter or other social media and they seem nice. For example this influenced my purchase of Let me Lie by Claire Mackintosh.

* I've read reviews of the book from other bloggers or have heard it being talked about by others. Far too many to mention here, but often someone will say 'you must read this book, only 99p on Amazon' and I'll pop straight over. I don't always buy it of course but there have been many occasions when I have!

* I'm inspired by a Twitter thread like this one:
And by the way, if you can help Nickie out with the name of the book that she was originally talking about in the thread I'm sure she'd be delighted!

What are some of the reasons that you've bought a book recently?

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