Wednesday 10 April 2019

#ad Sea glass and glass pebble coaster

This is a collaborative post in association with Bostik

This month I am using Bostik Power Repair Ultimate Strength glue in my crafting. This glue is an ultra strong clear glue which provides a long lasting bond for just about anything, including glass, wood, stone, metal, leather, rubber, plastics, ceramic and more.

I used it to make a sea themed coaster for my desk, using glass pebbles and some scraps of sea glass.

Pebble coaster tutorial

You need:

A blank coaster - this could be an old coaster that you want to upcycle or you can buy a plain coaster to decorate
Acrylic paint
Glass pebbles
Sea glass
Bostik Power Repair Multi-Purpose Ultimate Strength Glue

Making a glass pebble coaster with Bostik Power Repair glue


First prepare your coaster with a coat of paint. I upcycled an old coaster that I had already, so I first painted the coaster with some white paint to cover up the existing image, then finished with a layer of pale blue to add to the seaside theme of my coaster. If your coaster already has a darker image on it then you may need several coats to cover it evenly.

Glass pebble and sea glass coaster craft

When the glue has dried you can prepare your glass pebbles and sea glass. Try and choose pieces of sea glass that are the same height as the pebbles so that the coaster will have an even surface. If the sea glass pieces are flatter than the pebbles you may need to add some cardboard or similar to the bottom to bring them up to the same height. If you can't find sea glass you could also use flat stones or sea shells. I used a spare coaster to plan out my design so that I would be able to work quicker once the glue was applied.

Sea glass and glass pebbles glued to a coaster

The Bostik Power Repair Glue has two nozzles, one fine and one wide. For this project I used the wider nozzle which allows you to spread the glue over a larger area. I coated the painted surface of the coaster with a layer of glue, trying to keep the glue application smooth.

Using Bostik Power Repair glue for crafting

Then I pressed the sea glass and pebbles down into the glue. You are able to reposition the items for up to three minutes, and then the glue will be fully set within two hours, so this gives you time to arrange the pebbles and sea glass the way that you want them.

Sticking glass pebbles to a painted coaster

The glue will be fully dried after 24 hours, so it's best to wait until then before you use the coaster for the first time.

How to make a glass pebble coaster craft

You could also use this technique to decorate other items, for example a tin can to make a pencil holder, or a picture or mirror frame.

Pebble coaster with mug and Bostik power repair glue

Now I have a little piece of the seaside to keep me company while I enjoy a cuppa at my desk!

Bostik Power Repair glue for crafting

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