Monday 2 September 2019

Scroll Free September 2019

Once again the RSPH has launched Scroll Free September - a chance to step back and take a break from personal social media accounts for the entire month, or at least for as long as you can. It's a very flexible challenge, with lots of different options to choose from to help you make the break. You can sign up to choose your plan and find some great Scroll Free September top tips here.

You can also read my wrap up post from last year to see how I got on - Scroll Free September 2018

I find approaching this challenge a little difficult as I have quite an overlap between using my social media channels socially and for my blog work. So I need to observe the distinction between logging in to Twitter to send a blog post related tweet, and wasting time scrolling aimlessly through the never ending list of irrelevant tweets. So I'm not banning myself from all social media entirely, but I'll be making a big effort to only log in on the desktop PC when I need to do something, and to keep away from my phone for the majority of the day.

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Image created by Evelyn Basch

September is a great time for this challenge, as I have plenty to do this month once the children are safely back at school. I'm hoping to free up my time to get the house back together, to get back on track after holiday with my exercise and healthy eating, and to make some good progress on my Persian Tiles Blanket. We also have a big holiday coming up over October half-term, and I have lots to prepare and pack as well as getting back in to blogging and writing and scheduling blog posts for when we are away. With such a long to do list to work through I should never find myself at a loss without Facebook to scroll through.

I'm hoping that this challenge will make me think more about my scrolling habits, the reasons that I use social media, and what I gain and lose from my use of it.

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Are you taking part in the challenge? It's never too late to start!

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  1. I so needed to read this today. I waste so much time scrolling through social media. I think I kid myself at times that I am working, but actually am I really getting anything done. Probably not. With a baby to feed there are times when having something to look at on my phone can relieve some of the boredom of night feeds, but I need to detox a bit and split up when I efficiently use social media to support my blogging and when I'm just wasting time on there. Thank you.


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