Monday 30 September 2019

Halloween pin badges using mini Hama beads

These little Halloween pin badges are made using mini Hama beads. Mini Hama beads are much smaller than the usual sized Hama beads and they are better suited for older children and adults. They can be a bit fiddly to use at first, but once you get the hang of them you can produce some incredibly detailed and intricate designs.

These Halloween themed designs make perfect little Halloween pin badges to brighten up your Halloween outfit, or to give as gifts to trick or treaters or party favours.

These are the four Halloween designs that I came up with - a ghost, skull, pumpkin and witch's hat.

To help make the designs I planned them out first using gridded paper.

Mini Hama bead Halloween designs

They are made using a square mini Hama beads pegboard and then ironed. The beads are ironed in much the same way as the larger beads, but you do need to take some extra care. I use my iron on its lowest setting and press down only briefly, it takes much less time to iron the beads than you would think.

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Hama bead Halloween patterns

To turn the Hama bead designs into pin badges you need some Pin badge pieces (affiliate link). These come in two parts, a pin which is glued to the back of the ironed Hama bead piece and a butterfly clip which goes onto the pin.

Using pin backs to made badges

I used strong super glue to stick the backing pin to the Hama beads. Not all glue works well with Hama beads but I've found that super glue works well. You just need to be careful when applying it as the glue can leak through the holes in the beads - sometimes it's easier to apply the glue to the backing pin and press into place.

Homemade Halloween pin badges

And there we have it, some sweet little Halloween themed pin badges!

Halloween pin badges with mini Hama beads

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