Monday 23 September 2019

Hama bead sugar skull bunting

Hama bead sugar skull bunting tutorial

I love crafting for seasonal occasions using Hama beads. Hama beads are brilliant for children to improve their fine motor skills and patience, and I also find Hama bead designs relaxing to work on myself. These simple Hama bead sugar skulls can be adapted using any colours of beads that you have, and are a great way to use up any small amounts odd colours that you have around. I strung the sugar skulls together to make some colourful bunting to celebrate and decorate for both Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos.

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Hama bead sugar skull designs

These sugar skulls are made using the square pegboard. Once you've created the white outline and added in the black features you can easily add your own coloured decorations. There's plenty of sugar skull design inspiration online, and I also referred to my diamond painting sugar skull while I was working out a pattern. The good thing is that you can use all sorts of different brightly coloured beads together, you don't need to worry too much about co-ordinating your colour combinations!

When you are happy with the design you need to iron the beads to fuse them. Make sure that you iron them firmly enough so that the beads are completely fused, but leave the holes open so that you can thread the ribbon through for hanging the bunting.

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Making Hama bead sugar skull bunting

I used a thin black ribbon to turn the sugar skull designs into bunting. You should be able to thread the ribbon through the holes in the top of the skull using a large needle. If the holes have narrowed due to ironing, the beads should still be soft enough that you can easily push the needle through. If not, try warming slightly with the iron to make the beads more pliable. 

Hama bead sugar skull bunting on fireplace

I have command hooks fixed permanently to the sides of our mantlepiece for attaching different themed bunting throughout the year. The sugar skulls look particularly effective when strung alongside my battery powered fairy lights!

Hama bead sugar skull bunting designs

Here is the design for the Hama bead sugar skull pattern:

Free Hama bead pixel art sugar skull design pattern

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