Monday 14 October 2019

Mini Hama bead sugar skull earrings

Mini Hama bead sugar skull earrings tutorial

I love working with mini Hama beads. The mini Hama beads are tiny, about a third the size of the standard beads, and they are placed onto specially sized boards. It's difficult to manipulate the beads with your fingers so I use tweezers to set them down into place - once you've got the hang of the technique you can work very quickly. The mini Hama beads are available in a huge range of colours, and you can use them to create some really intricate designs.

Here's how I used mini Hama beads to make some Sugar Skull earrings. This is the design that I used, once you've put the skull features in place you can use a range of different colours to complete the design.

Hama bead sugar skull design

When ironing mini Hama beads you need to take a little extra care as they melt very quickly. I use the iron on the lowest setting, and I don't hold the iron on the beads for very long. For this project you need to make sure that the hole at the top remains open so that you can push the earring pieces through.

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Adding earrings to mini Hama bead design

I turned the Hama bead sugar skulls into earrings by adding a simple earring hook. The ones that I use have a curved shape that fits perfectly into the top of the beads and holds it nicely in place.

Mini Hama bead Halloween earrings

Here is the design for the Hama bead sugar skull:

Free Hama bead pixel art sugar skull design pattern

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