Friday 4 October 2019

My new glasses

I recently decided that it was time for an eye test, it had been a few years. A new branch of Specsavers has just opened in my local Sainsbury's along with lots of advertising for free eye tests, so I booked myself in to see how my glasses were doing.

I remember exactly when I bought my old glasses because it was just before Britmums 2013. They are the ones that I'm wearing in all my social media profile pictures, and were a bit of a change from the rimless glasses that I'd been happy with for a few years previously. I wasn't sure at first about the dark frames, but they definitely grew on me and I was very happy with them, so when my prescription barely changed at my last eye test I didn't bother replacing them.

Me wearing old fashioned glasses

But when I saw the optician this time, she commented almost immediately on how old my glasses were which surprised me, as I didn't actually think they were that old. We went through the test and discovered that my eyes have barely changed - one eye remains the same and the other has got so marginally better as to barely register - but she still wrote me a prescription for new glasses. I had in mind that I wanted some new prescription sunglasses anyway as part of their two for one offer, so I was happy to go along with getting some new ones, although it did feel a bit unnecessary.

But when I went out into the showroom to choose the new frames I could see why she thought I needed new glasses. It turns out that glasses fashion has changed quite a bit over the last few years, and mine were desperately out of date. Glasses are no longer subtle, like they were in the rimless days. They are now enormous and definitely shout 'look I'm wearing glasses'!

I spent a long time agonising, trying to find something a bit less obvious. I finally settled on a pair from the petite range which have a hint of purple to the frames, my favourite colour. The sunglasses were a much easier choice, as at least in that case bigger is definitely better if you want to be able to see in the sun!

I don't like taking selfies, but I don't think that the glasses look too bad! And at least I know that for the next few months at least my style matches the latest in glasses fashion!

Me wearing nice new glasses

And at least they aren't quite as big as the ones that I used to wear once upon a time...

Me wearing very old fashioned glasses

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