Wednesday 30 October 2019

Mini Hama bead owl picture

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I'm busy working through my crafting to do pile, and this weekend I picked up a mini Hama bead kit which I've been looking forward to working on - the Small Mini Bead Owl Kit (affiliate link). Although I often come up with my own Hama bead designs I also like working from kits - there are some really sweet ones out there!

Mini Hama bead owls kit in progress

The Owl kit contains everything that you need to make the four different owl designs - a hexagonal mini Hama bead pegboard, ironing paper, easy to follow pattern and plenty of beads. Enough beads in fact to make a few more owls, so you don't need to worry if you lose any. The only other thing that you would find useful for the craft is some tweezers, as they make positioning the beads much easier. You can find lots of tips for using the mini Hama beads, as well as a tutorial video, in my blog post here: Mini Hama bead crafts - A guide

Mini Hama bead owl designs

Mini Hama beads can be quite tricky to iron and even though I've used the beads before I still had a few mishaps! It's important to have the iron on a low setting and not heat the beads for too long as they melt very quickly. Unfortunately I have a tendency to be over cautious and not iron for long enough, meaning that the beads fall apart when I remove them from the pegboard - it's a very fine balance to get it right!

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Once finished, these owls would make lovely magnets, or you could even turn the smaller ones into pin badges like these Mini Hama bead heart badges. But I wanted to have them on display, as I like the fact that there are two adult owls and two child owls, reminding me of the members of our family.

I cut a small piece of poster board to an appropriate size (it measures about 18cm by 8cm), and mixed some acrylic paint to a shade of green that coordinated well with the colours of the beads. I painted a couple of coats, and when it was all dry I stuck the owls to the board using glue dots, which I've found work really well for mounting smaller and lighter Hama bead pieces. When mounting ironed Hama bead pieces, make sure that you choose the best side as sometimes the beads on one side will look better than the other.

I wanted to display the picture on my magnetic white board so I used some magnetic tape on the back, but you could just use blu tack or similar to stick it up as it's still very light.

I'm really pleased with my sweet little owl picture!

Mini Hama bead owl picture

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Mini Hama bead Russian doll craft

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