Wednesday 16 October 2019

Crafting for a Halloween Disney cruise

This year we are lucky enough to be enjoying a themed Disney Cruise - Halloween on the High Seas! These Halloween cruises take place each year across the Disney cruise ships over the Halloween period. There will various live shows and entertainment on board, along with some trick or treating, and although we've experienced a Disney themed Halloween before at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and at Disneyland Hong Kong for Halloween, this will be our first themed cruise.

I've written before about how much I have enjoyed crafting for this Disney cruise. Disney cruise line is definitely set well apart from other cruise lines when it comes to decorating stateroom doors or organising gift exchanges with your fellow passengers, and I've had a lot of fun entering into the spirit of it all. I've tried to make a special effort by putting a Halloween twist onto the things that I've made, and so I thought I'd share them here in once place.

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I'm planning to distribute lots of Pixie Dust on this cruise. Pixie Dust is a small gift which is given out to fellow cruisers without the expectation of receiving something in return. I started by making these little magnets. Each one measures about 6cm across and I came up with the designs myself. I used the Halloween on The High Seas logo and added the ship name and cruise month. They are printed on glossy paper, cut out and then laminated, with a small magnet glued to the back. I'll be going around with the children and sticking these on to random doors.

Disney Halloween cruise themed magnets for pixie dust

I used similar graphics to make these laminated Halloween on the High Seas bookmarks. Again they feature the logo, the ship name and dates. Then I punched a hole in the top and threaded through some orange and black ribbon, knotted in place and secured with a blob of glue. Some of these will be given as gifts to specific families, others will be handed out to random staterooms.

Disney Halloween cruise themed bookmarks

I've never really got into Disney pin trading, which is a very popular hobby. However on our last cruise I did take a few pins along and enjoyed swapping them with people that had created a pin trading board to hang outside their stateroom door. I was inspired to create my own and came up with this fabric Disney pin trading board. The fabric means that is quite light, so it should hang easily on the front of the door, even with the weight of the pins. I've added Halloween ribbons and pumpkins, but these could be removed if we are lucky enough to enjoy a different cruise in the future. Although the fabric isn't a Disney print, I think that the subdued tones match the Halloween theme quite well.

It works on an honesty system so I won't leave too many pins out at once and I may bring it in overnight - hopefully people will enter into the spirit of it fairly and won't take a pin without leaving one!

Fabric Disney pin trading board for outside stateroom

I used some similar fabric to make this pencil and treat holder. I stocked up on Halloween themed pencils in the sales last year, but the holder can also be used for lollipops, glow sticks, straws, or any kind of candy that is long and thin. I hope that people have fun choosing something to take!

Halloween themed pencil and treat holder

I can't wait until our cruise, and having all this crafting to keep me busy has certainly helped me to enjoy the long wait that we've had!

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