Monday 25 November 2019

Scandi inspired Hama bead bauble Christmas decorations

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These Hama bead baubles are inspired by a Scandi Christmas theme of red and white. They are really easy to make using the square Hama bead peg board, and the only colours that you need are red and white, with gold Hama beads or yellow to make the hanger at the top. You can find links to buy the products that I used at the bottom of this post.

I have designed these Hama bead baubles in two different patterns - a round bauble and an elongated bauble - and you can find the simple patterns that I used below. You can easily reverse the colours to make them look different, and there are plenty of ways that you can come up with your own designs!

Round Hama bead bauble free pattern

Free pattern for round Hama or Perler bead baubles

Elongated Hama bead bauble free pattern

Free pattern for Hama bead or Perler bead Christmas ornament designs

Make your designs on the square peg board, using Hama, Perler, or similar branded beads, then iron them so that the beads melt together. When I've ironed my Hama bead pieces I like to leave them underneath something heavy for a short while so that they cool flat.

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Hama bead baubles with Scandi design

To finish the baubles you can tie some ribbon in a bow around the top. If you want to use a thinner ribbon then you can reduce the size of the hanger. Or you don't need to use ribbon at all - just don't add in the hanger part at all, or make it much smaller, and thread the cotton for hanging the ornament through the top beads.

Hama bead Christmas baubles with ribbon

You could also experiment with different colours and patterns of ribbon - I think that a red and white checked or striped ribbon would look good!

Scandi baubles made using Hama beads

I also think that these Hama bead baubles are perfect to pop inside a Christmas card, or to use as a gift tag on a present!

Hama bead Christmas ornament baubles with a Scandi theme tutorial

To hang them on the tree, just thread some cotton through the top of the bauble. I find that the hole is usually large enough to fit a needle, or else the beads are soft enough that the needle can be easily pushed through them.

Hama bead Christmas ornaments on the tree

If you like the way that Hama beads can be used to create Scandi themed ornaments then you might also like these Scandi inspired Hama bead battery candle holders which are designed to wrap around battery tea lights for a festive glow.

I also made this Scandi inspired Hama bead mat for my daily mug of hot chocolate.

Scandi inspired Hama bead drinks mat pattern

And if you like these Hama bead Christmas ornaments and want to try a different variation, you might like these Hama bead bauble Christmas tree ornaments made using different coloured beads and festive ribbon.

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