Monday 23 December 2019

Hama bead mini Christmas wreath magnets

Hama bead Christmas wreath magnets

These Hama bead wreath magnets are really simple to make and make a lovely gift at Christmas, especially when they contain the photograph of the giver!

The mini Hama bead wreath design can be made on any size circular pegboard, and all you need are some green and red beads. If you have them it's nice to have a selection of different green beads, but if you only have the one shade then that will work well too. You could also use different colours instead of the red beads - maybe a variety of different colours to look like coloured fairy lights!

Once the beads have been ironed, I like to leave them flat under some heavy books until they are cool, so that they keep a nice flat shape.

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Hama bead mini Christmas wreath design

In the centre of each wreath you need to glue a photograph. I like to keep the sample photographs that come from our school photographer as they are the perfect size for crafts like this and I know that my children will be looking smart!

Hama bead photograph magnets using magnetic tape

To turn the Hama bead wreaths into a magnet I used some magnetic tape. The tape is self-adhesive, and I find that it sticks really well for small Hama bead projects like this. But you can use any type of magnet, and if you aren't confident in the quality of your glue you can also add a piece of tape over the back to hold it firmly in place. I've found that glue dots work very well for sticking magnets down. 

Hama bead magnets with a Christmas theme

The wreaths are finished off with a small bow made from some narrow red ribbon glued into place. The children loved making these magnets, and it would be fun to make some each year with updated photographs so that we can see how they change over the years!

Hama bead Christmas gift magnets with photograph

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