Monday 16 December 2019

Why I've started drinking tea

Despite growing up in a tea drinking family, I never drank a cup of tea until I was pregnant and tried raspberry leaf tea. Even though I liked it, as soon as the babies arrived I didn't have the chance to sit down with a hot drink. Ram doesn't drink any kind of hot drink either, so we just aren't in the habit of putting the kettle on throughout the day.

But recently I started taking a cup when it was offered to me, and trying out some different flavours during the day at home. I think it's because I finally realised that it's not about the taste of the tea, it's about the whole ritual. Taking the time to sit down with a hot drink, whether that's by myself at home or when out and about with friends. It's also a chance to sit down and gaze into space while I enjoy the hot drink, and it always makes me feel as though I'm living in Unsplash.

I always eat cake when I'm out for a drink with a friend, so having a cup of tea instead of my other preferred drink, a hot chocolate, means that I can save a few calories - especially as I rarely add milk. I love having a cup of tea in a cafe served from my own teapot, I feel so grown up!

Despite my growing familiarity, I'm still nervous to make a cup of tea for someone else at my house because it's such a personal thing and the process remains a little mysterious to me. Luckily, regular visitors to the house know that they will get a better cuppa if they make it themselves!

Cup of tea and some biscuits
Photo credit Rumman Amin via Unsplash

I am going to draw the line at starting to drink coffee though. Not only do I not like the taste, but the whole world of coffee is far too mysterious for me, I wouldn't have a clue where to start!

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  1. I drink both tea and coffee and didn't really start until my youngest was a couple of years old. I stick with the basics. PG Tips for my tea and Nescafe instant for my coffee. hehehe x


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