Monday 9 December 2019

Scandi inspired Hama bead Christmas mat

I've often looked at Hama bead projects and thought that they would make a great base for cross stitch, so I decided to experiment a little by making a small Hama bead mat and seeing how well cross stitch would work. I was really pleased with the result!

Hama bead and cross stitch Scandi inspired coaster

I wanted to create a Christmas, Scandi inspired design, so I used red and white beads to make a large base for the mat. When ironing the base you need to make sure that you don't over iron and there are still nice big holes in the beads that you can easily fit your needle through. I also like to place large flat pieces underneath something heavy, like a pile of books, while they are still warm. This means that when the beads cool the piece will remain flat and not warp.

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Then you just need to stitch your design through the beads using embroidery floss! Be aware that it can take quite a bit of floss to complete the design. I googled for Scandi inspired images to get some inspiration.

Using cross stitch with Hama bead projects

The back of the piece looked quite messy when it was finished, so I used a small piece of felt on the reverse side, glued into place. This also helps to make sure that all the ends are secure. Just be careful to choose a shade of felt which matches the mat, as it may show through the holes.

Backing a coaster with felt

 Now I have a lovely little mat which makes a great festive coaster for my Christmas hot chocolate!

Hama bead and cross stitch Scandi inspired coaster

If you liked this craft, you might also like my Scandi inspired Hama bead battery candle holders which are designed to hold battery powered tea light candles.

Scandi inspired Hama bead battery tea light holders

I also designed some Scandi inspired Hama bead baubles for the Christmas tree with a free pattern!

Scandi inspired red and white Christmas baubles made with Hama beads

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