Thursday 16 June 2022

A summer morning walk along the beach

This morning I had to make an annoyingly unscheduled trip into town to return a speedily broken piece of plastic tat to Claire's Accessories. I dropped the children to school at 8.15am, and with the shop not opening until 9am I decided to spend my wait having a wander along the beach. Worthing is handily arranged with one of the main shopping streets parallel to the seafront, so it's easy to pop over to the sea. Even though it was early it was already really warm.

Worthing West Sussex pier at low tide

The tide was a long way out but coming in. At low tide in Worthing the sea is so far away that you can't even walk to it, due to the slippery green rocks and large pools of water. In fact you can barely even see it in the distance. The incoming tide creeps in quietly but quickly. You can head out across the rocks to a nice sandy patch, and turn round a few minutes later to find your route back underwater. It's not too dangerous as it's so shallow, but you might end up with wet feet!

Worthing West Sussex beach at low tide

The town centre was so noisy this morning with building works and cars, but as soon as you get down on the beach it all fades away into the background.

I can spend ages wandering along the beach. I love looking down for interesting shells and pebbles and any other things I might find. I'm always really excited to find rare sea glass, and I try to collect any rubbish that I find, although luckily I don't usually spot any. The only thing I picked up this morning was a large metal fishing fly, the metal part is about 7cm long. I found it a bit icky to pick up as I don't like fishing and I don't want to think about the fish it might have hurt, hopefully I've prevented it from causing harm to other marine life.

Old fishing fly found on the beach

While I'm walking along I get completely lost in my thoughts. I think sometimes I even enter the flow state that I'm always reading about in my wellbeing book collection. Time just flies by, and I have to make sure that I look up every now and then, as I'm so busy staring down and not noticing how far I've travelled!

So the time passed very quickly and I was able to return my item without any trouble. I even had time for a quick visit to the charity shop next door for some bargain paperbacks!

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  1. What a lovely morning you had, how lucky to be so close to the beach. x


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