Wednesday 1 June 2022

Learning to make simple fabric zipped pouches

Recently I wrote about my fabric stash and how I was hoping to find some simple sewing projects to help work my way through it. I did some searching online for beginner sewing projects, and as I also found some passed down zips in my stash I decided to start with simple fabric pouches.

I was a bit nervous as I had assumed that zips would be complicated to work with, but actually it wasn't too bad. I didn't find it too difficult, even though I had to work out how to change to a zipper foot on the sewing machine!

I found this brilliant tutorial to follow which is really thorough and explains the whole process really well.

My first attempt wasn't the best, although it still does the job! This small pouch uses a 7" zip. I managed to sew the zip in wrong at the top so it doesn't lie flat on one side, and I also intended the two fabrics to be the other way around with the pattern at the bottom. I'm not quite sure how it ended up backwards! You can see the spotted lining fabric showing through, and it's a bit wonky. 

Small zipped pouch first attempt

My second attempt was much better. Because I didn't want to buy anything new for the project I was limited by the sizes of my zips which are either large or small. For this pouch I used a 12" zip to make a zipped case which is about A4 size. It's a good size for a sketchbook and paints, or else a book, my phone and a notebook. I sorted out my previous mistake with the zip and I used a lighter fabric for the liner. (This gorgeous fabric was received for a blog collaboration back in 2015, when I used it to make a drawstring backpack.) I'm really pleased with it, I love the patchwork of different fabrics.

Large zipped fabric patchwork pouch

My third project was made for Mia. She went through my fabric stash and picked out the patterns and colours that she liked. I had a pale blue 12" zip which went well with several of the pieces, so I made her a zipped pouch the same size as mine. It's the perfect size for her iPad and a book or two.

Two large zipped fabric patchwork pouches

I'm so pleased with myself for learning a new skill and making some useful finished products. My seams are still a little wonky and I'm not very good at cutting the fabric in straight lines, but I'm definitely improving! I'm also feeling a lot more confident when it comes to using the sewing machine.

My fabric stash doesn't seem to be reducing, but most of the pieces that I do have are quite small so my next projects are either going to be little ones or using more patchwork. I love the idea of using my very small scraps to do some crazy patchwork and I'm building up a list of little projects to try out.

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