Sunday 8 April 2012

First trip of the year to Legoland Windsor

On the way back home from our Easter trip to the Midlands we stopped by at Legoland for a few hours. It's over a year since I've been, and it was Mia's first trip. It was probably not the best day to choose as it was pretty packed, but luckily we intend to visit again so we didn't need to see everything.

Since his last visit, Harry has turned three which opens up some fab new rides to him. In particular, he has been waiting to go on the Driving School for about two years. They make a huge thing of it, lining up all the little drivers before their turn so that they could be instructed how to drive the car, and when they had finished they stood them all together, cheered them and gave them a little pretend driving licence!

Driving school at Legoland Windsor

It goes without saying that Harry loved it. Unfortunately although he worked out the controls fairly quickly his road sense requires a little more practice, he caused more than one traffic jam.

Child driving car at Legoland

Another new ride that he could go on was the diggers, with a bit of help from Dad. I think that these diggers are harder to operate than they look. Again, he loved it.

Diggers at Legoland Windsor

A new attraction for this year is the Star Wars Miniland Experience. Even when we arrived just as the park opened there was a large queue, although it had diminished when we went at around lunchtime. It is a walkthrough of scenes from the films created out of Lego, and it was pretty amazing, although quite dark and intense in places. Luckily Mia slept through it in the pushchair, and Harry was fascinated.

The great thing that we've found about Legoland is that there are rides there suitable for even very young babies, although it's best if they can sit independently. Mia's first ride was the Orient Expedition (basically a train ride) and we also took her on Fairy Tale Brook and into the 4D theatre. Last year I wrote a guide to Legoland with tips for taking babies and toddlers, which you can find here.

No affiliation with Legoland whatsoever, just happy visitors!


  1. Wow sounds really good perhaps we will join you next time!

  2. That would be lovely! We will be making many more visits there I'm sure!


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