Sunday 13 May 2012

Book review - Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb

Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb is a newly published book from Macmillan, and we were recently sent a copy to review.

Book review - Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb

The story itself is very simple and tells of a little girl who is too busy and just not hungry for her lunch, but luckily a visiting crocodile, bear and a wolf are happy to help her eat it up. The theme struck a chord with Harry, who quite often appears uninterested in food at lunchtime. He loved reading about how the animals ate the little girl's lunch, and how because she didn't eat her tummy was rumbling all afternoon. His favourite part of the book was actually the back cover, where the little girl brings milk and biscuits to the poor animals after leaving them none of her dinner.

What I really loved about the book were the illustrations. The girl is drawn beautifully and her posture and gestures are so lifelike. One of the pictures that I particularly liked showed the little girl spending the afternoon drawing and painting, and sticking her pictures into a scrapbook. After seeing both this and the image of the crocodile with his spotty skin I got out the paints and we sat down to create some artwork inspired by the book. I love books that can act as a jumping off point for further activities!

Book review - Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb

This is a lovely book which I would fully recommend.

I received the book to review.

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