Wednesday 8 May 2013

Five must-see places for Harry Potter fans in the UK

Today I'm delighted to welcome a fantastic guest post from Joanne at Kids Days Out Reviews!

Five must-see places for Harry Potter fans

There is huge demand in the UK for film tourism. People flock to see where famous film actors and actresses once stood to deliver their seminal lines. Possibly the biggest film phenomenon over the last few years has been Harry Potter, and there are several places in the UK you can visit to catch a glimpse of the Potter magic.

Warner Bros Studio Tour, Watford near London

An obvious starting point for any fan of the eight Harry Potter movies is the place they were mostly filmed – the old Leavesden film studios just outside of London. The tour takes you through the sets, props, and costumes of the films, including Diagon Alley, the Griffyndor common room, and all the house robes. You can ride a broomstick on a green screen, walk through the castle bridge, and get carried away in the massive gift shop. A must-do, and you can read about our trip to the Warner Bros. Studios here.

Places to see Harry Potter in the UK

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Alnwick Castle in Alnwick, Northumberland dates from the late 11th century and is home to the Earl of Northumberland and his family. It has recently been used as a school and a college but is now a popular tourist attraction, not least because both the interior and exterior were used for filming the Harry Potter films. Alnwick Castle is Hogwarts in the film and is set in a most beautiful part of the country, with lots of other places to see.

Goathland train station, North Yorkshire

For scenes at Hogsmeade station in pretty much every Harry Potter film, the real-life train station in the gorgeous village of Goathland in the North Yorkshire Moors was used. Goathland has also been home to the cast of Heartbeat over the last few years too, and it really is a step back in time. You can ride the NYMR steam train while you are here, and have a pint in the Aidensfield Arms.

London Zoo

Remember the scene from the first film where Harry talked to the snake at the zoo, and Dudley fell in to the tank? This was all filmed at London Zoo’s reptile house. The reptile house was built in the 1920s and houses animals including crocodiles, snakes, and frogs.

Harry Potter at London Zoo

Kings Cross train station, London

From the moment Harry Potter pushed his trolley through the magic wall to get to platform 9 and three-quarters, fans have been flocking to Kings Cross train station to try and do the same. To help you out, there has been a trolley placed in the wall, so you can don your house scarf and make like a Hogwarts student. If you haven’t got a house scarf, you can buy one at the conveniently placed Harry Potter shop just a few feet away. Great for a bit of magical atmosphere for free.

Kings Cross Station, London for Harry Potter fans

Written by Joanne Brady – mother of four and writer of Kids Days Out Reviews, a blog featuring great family days out around the UK.


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