Sunday 12 May 2013

Making a pirate map

Like many children, Harry is fascinated by pirates at the moment. There are so many different crafts and activities that you can do on a pirate theme, and I decided to re-visit a craft that I remember loving as a child - making a pirate map.

How to make a simple pirate map craft

We took a piece of plain white paper, and used a teabag dipped in a small bowl of water to paint on it to make it look old. When it was dry, I used a candle to burn around the edges of the paper. This makes it sound a lot easier than it was - it involved a lot of frantic blowing out of flames and a smoke filled kitchen. Harry's map also ended up with a somewhat larger hole than intended, after the paper continued to smoulder once blown out.

Then we decorated it with felt pens. I drew some things out for him to copy, we made mountains, beaches, trees, paths and of course an X marks the spot. Then we crumpled it up and flattened it out to make it look really battered. A truly authentic pirate treasure map!

How to make a simple pirate map craft

If you are looking for more pirate crafts you might like my pirate treasure chest and salt dough treasure to fill it with!


  1. I can remember Mum once aging a piece of paper for me by setting fire to it all the way round then dropping it in the sink. Not much paper left after that.

  2. You're very creative! I'd've just taken the map into the garden & jumped on it a bit :)


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