Tuesday 7 January 2014

Review - KOR GeoMag Tazoo magnetic construction set

Harry was recently sent a KOR Geomag Tazoo Paco (affiliate link) new magnetic construction set to try out. KOR are fantasy creatures which fell to Earth as asteroids after a geomagnetic storm, and the range comprises seven products split across two lines. In the Tazoo range are Beto and Paco - a couple of cute little creatures found in the sea and forest. The five creatures in the Proteon range are more action orientated, with more of an emphasis on fighting and survival.

KOR GeoMag Tazoo magnetic construction set review

These construction sets are aimed at children aged 5 and older, so at very nearly 5 Harry is at the younger end of the range, and this is definitely a toy that will grow with him.

The set consists of a small magnetic sphere which sits in the middle, and is surrounded by shaped magnetic pieces which attach to the magnetic centre to form a larger sphere. An outer layer is clipped on which makes all sorts of different shapes, the most basic being a simple a rugby ball. The set includes accessories which you use to make the basic creature, and extras so that you can make lots of different creatures. The pieces are really sturdy, I can't see them breaking.

Once you have built a basic shape, you can twist and turn the pieces, which rotate around the central sphere. This is where you can really start to get creative with the kit. It's a bit difficult to describe in words, so I've made a little video showing how the basic shape is assembled.

There is a little bit of a knack to putting the pieces together, so I'd recommend watching my video or the one that I have linked below. But once you've got it, it is easy to see what you need to do. The pieces slot together easily and Harry soon got the hang of it. He was happy to keep things simple, and use the accessories provided to make different creatures, using the add on pieces as all sorts of different things, from horns to feet. I can see that the set will grow with him, as he learns about the different ways in which it can be manipulated.

This detailed video shows you how you can make a few simple figures with just a few twists of the basic rugby ball shape.

All the seven unisex sets in the KOR Geomag range - Tazoo and Proteon - are compatible with each other. The Tazoo range is probably more suitable for younger children as the creatures are a little cuter. They are described as unisex toys, which I think is great, and I know that both the children will enjoy playing with it. Because all the sets are compatible it is a toy which can be added to over time, or you could buy a set for each sibling which they can play with together and use to build more advanced structures.

We were sent a KOR Geomag Tazoo Paco set to review. Amazon links are affiliate.


  1. not really a "review" if your kids have NOT YET PLAYED WITH IT, is it?
    next time don't speculate, be a little patient, and just wait it until after they used the toy. You're just speculating, which we all can do by looking at the website.

    1. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear to you, but in my paragraph underneath the video I've talked about how my son got on with it. Of course it's impossible to review a toy without the child playing with it. I made the video myself to show how the pieces fit together as a time I wrote this post nearly two years ago he didn't have the dexterity to put it together quickly enough to make a concise video.


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