Friday 24 January 2014

Trying a new craft - Decopatch Hearts

Recently I've been trying out a craft new to me - Decopatch. I'm always on the lookout for new crafts to try, and I often like to start a new craft by buying a kit, because then I know that I'll have everything that I need along with inspiration for my first project. I've been eyeing up the Decopatch materials on my regular visits to Hobbycraft but it all looked quite expensive, so when I was putting together my Christmas list I was pleased to find a Decopatch hearts kit. My original kit is no longer available, but you can find a very similar one here - Décopatch Love Kit (affiliate link). 

Decopatch is a modern update on the craft of decoupage. You basically use torn up pieces of pretty paper and glue to cover objects, for example frames, small boxes or solid letters which you can use to spell out a word. Many of the decopatch craft materials are sold under the French Decopatch brand but now that the trend has caught on you can buy decopatch materials all over the place.

Valentine hearts decopatch craft kit

The thing that had put me off decopatch in the past was the thought of tearing up the paper. I had looked at sheets of gorgeous coloured and patterned paper, and I thought it looked so nice as it was that I couldn't bear the the thought of ripping it up! But I'm pleased to say that I overcame my inhibitions, and once I had I was really pleased with how it looked.

My kit contains a selection of items to decopatch - two solid hearts on string, two solid small heart frames, two flat heart shaped frames with a heart centre, two flat hearts and two heart shaped boxes. It's all contained in a nice box which you can also decopatch. Then you have instructions, a pot of glue, two stiff brushes, some ribbon and five sheets of decopatch paper. It's a nice selection of things, with a variety of flat and shaped pieces.

I've had to hold myself back, because I've found that it's quite addictive and very easy, and once I started I didn't want to stop! Here's what I've made so far:

Valentine hearts decopatch craft kit

I'm going to find some small pictures to put inside the frames, I'm not sure yet whether that will be photographs of those dear to me or just pictures of things that I like!

Decopatch is a really easy craft, the paper is so thin and forgiving that you can use it to cover even the most awkward of shapes with a neat finish. The stiff brush is really good for getting into the corners, so if you are trying the craft I'd definitely recommend buying a proper decopatch brush (affiliate link).

When tearing up the paper, it's a good idea to tear it up into a selection of different shapes and sizes. I'd also recommend working in daylight if possible as it's very easy to miss small areas, although of course you can go back and fix it afterwards. The glue dries to a lovely, shiny finish, but you need to make sure that it has dried thoroughly otherwise the items will stick together, I've been leaving mine over a radiator for a couple of days.

Have you tried decopatch? I'd love to see what you've made, do leave a link in the comments if you have one!

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