Thursday 24 April 2014

Mia, and finally taking an interest in books

Mia has never taken much of an interest in books, something that has been bothering me for a while. I was showing books to Harry at two days old and reading him The Gruffalo at three months, but Mia has never been particularly interested. She has never had the patience to sit down for a longer picture book, and when we go to the library she still goes for the baby books with a simple illustration and couple of words on each page.

Because of this I've not pushed it with her. Until recently, she didn't really even have any books in her room at all, only ones that had migrated there from elsewhere. But at the weekend we redecorated Harry's room, and we bought him a large bookcase, moving his smaller one into Mia's room. At the same time we had a sort out, and moved all the baby and toddler books onto her shelves. She's always had access to them in Harry's room and around the house of course, but something about putting them into her room and calling them 'Mia's books' has had a massive influence. 

For the very first time at bedtime the other night she asked for a story, and then another one, and then another one. She will also sit there happily and read the books to herself. She's still going for the ones with the lift up flaps and the different textures, but she is actually paying attention to a story, repeating words, and talking about what she can see in the pictures. It's wonderful!

Toddler reading a book

I've always longed for the day when I can sit down with the two of them and read them both a book at the same time. Unfortunately whenever I've sat down to read to Harry with Mia around she gets bored very quickly, and will usually just scream for attention which doesn't make for a pleasant reading experience. Perhaps that day will soon be here!

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