Tuesday 29 April 2014

Review - Disney Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes

Even if you're not a parent, I think that you'd be familiar with the iconic Cozy Coupe car from Little Tikes. I can certainly remember them being around when I was little. Although we've never had one ourselves before, my children have loved playing in them at toddler groups and friend's houses, so I was very excited to have the chance to review the new Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe.

Review - Little Tikes Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe

This brand new character look has been launched by Little Tikes this Spring, and as well as Mickey Mouse you can also buy a Minnie Mouse Cozy Coupe. Each comes with ears on top and themed stickers, as well as all the usual features - a working horn, storage area at the back, petrol cap and clicking ignition key.

The Cozy Coupes are recommended from age 18 months. At five Harry can still easily fit inside, although to be fair he's on the small side. At almost three Mia fits perfectly inside and can easily drive the car about. For younger children that can't quite manage the legs yet, they are easy and safe for an adult to push them around in, as they are very light and manoeuvrable. Little ones soon pick up the technique for pushing themselves along, and although to me it looks like quite hard work it doesn't seem to bother them, it's certainly fantastic exercise!

I did find that the Cozy Coupe wasn't very easy to assemble. It definitely takes two adults, and sometimes quite a bit of brute force to push the elements into place and screw through the plastic. You also need to concentrate on the instructions to make sure that all steps are completed in the correct order. After assembly we realised that one of the front side pieces wasn't in properly, and we had to take it apart and rebuild. But once it's assembled correctly it is very sturdy and robust, there's no way that it's going to fall apart.

Review - Little Tikes Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe

I was very interested to notice how differently Mia played with the car. Harry has always been happy to just drive them around, but Mia really involved herself in role play. She drove it around the house to take her teddies to pre-school and the supermarket, and she loved having a little compartment at the back where she could stow things. Although it has only been used in the house at the moment, as the weather improves we'll be moving it out to the garden for even more adventures. It's definitely durable enough to cope with different surfaces outside.

Review - Little Tikes Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe

Mia adores her car, and she has been playing with it constantly since we received it. If you have toddlers I would absolutely recommend one.

I received the Mickey Mouse Cozy Coupe to review.


  1. That is so cool!!! LP loves Mickey Mouse, and we all love Little Tikes. I think we need it! x

  2. Hi I need the oval shape stickers and the Mickey Mouse ones for the doors. Where can u get them?

    1. Hi there, sorry they came with the car as it's Mickey Mouse themed. It's exclusive to Argos and you can buy it here http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1427723.htm I hope this helps


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