Monday 7 April 2014

I'm a MAD Blog Awards Craft Finalist!

I'm a little late to be writing this post. I think it's because I'm so chuffed to find myself a Craft finalist in the MAD Blog Awards that I find it very difficult to imagine that I could be in a position to actually win the award! I want to thank everyone that nominated me in the first round, it really does mean such a lot to me.

I've written about all sorts of things on my blog over the last few years, but it's always been the craft posts that I enjoy writing and sharing the most. In particular I write a lot about crafts that you can do with young children, especially those to help celebrate and learn about special occasions throughout the year. In particular I'm very proud of my Diwali crafts, and you can find all my seasonal crafts here.

We've recently discovered Hama beads, and I've loved sharing all the crafts that I've made, both with the children and by myself. So much that I've even created a dedicated page to share our Hama bead crafts! Although ostensibly purchased for the children, I find that I have just as much fun playing and designing with them!

I also write about the other crafts that I enjoy myself. I've tried out lots of new things over the course of my blog - including soap making, candle making, Fimo and plenty of crafting with felt. I've also documented the progress of a very long term craft project, my cross stitch sampler, which I finished a couple of weeks ago and I'm very proud of.

I'm very lucky that the sponsor for the Craft category is the wonderful Craft Merrily. If you are looking for anything craft related then you will find that they sell it. In particular they stock an amazing range of Hama beads and accessories, for example an excellent range of supplies like the mini Hama beads which are hard to find elsewhere. As a finalist, they sent me an amazing package of crafty bits and pieces, both things to enjoy with the children and things to do for myself. I was delighted to find plenty of Hama beads!

I couldn't wait to get started with the tissue art kit, I love revisiting crafts with the children that I used to enjoy when I was little, and the way that this kit from Alex Toys is designed with a sticky background and squares of tissue paper cut to the exact size needed means that it's really easy and fun for little ones. Harry actually completed his fish while I was getting on with some baking, a rare occasion when he has finished making something independently!

Child working on a tissue paper craft kit

I now have plenty to keep us busy over the Easter holidays, and I'm already planning some pom pom sensory play and some evening Fimo crafting for myself!


  1. A very well-deserved place in the finals! You had my nomination and my vote! Look forward to seeing you there :)


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