Seasonal Crafts

Here I've grouped together some posts that I've written about seasonal crafts.

Australia Day

Chinese New Year

Seasonal crafts for children

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day keepsake bookmarks
Mini heart cushion
Hama bead crafts for Valentine's Day
Spinning Hama bead heart decoration
Mini Hama bead hearts
Fimo heart keyrings
Decorated wooden heart magnets
Valentine's Day felt heart
Valentine's Day toilet roll tube gift boxes
Valentine's Day collage bunting
Valentine's Day heart sun catchers
Hama bead heart hanging decoration
Simple Valentine's Day felt gift bags
Hama bead heart frames
Tissue paper collage photo frames
Valentine's themed jewellery box
Springy Valentine's Day cards
Hanging heart collage picture frames

Seasonal crafts for children


How to make a simple Easter tree

Seasonal crafts for children

Easter bunny egg holders from a toilet roll tube
Easter chick egg holders from a toilet roll tube

Seasonal crafts for children

Spring sensory tub
Easter Papier Mache bowls
Paper plate Easter baskets
Paper plate and Hama bead Easter decorations
Mini Hama bead Easter Egg cake toppers
Easter sensory tub
Dyed eggshell mosaic Easter Egg decorations
Spring window decoration
A simple Easter bonnet
Easy Easter hanging decorations

Seasonal crafts for children


Cheerful garden crafts for the summer
Sand art paper plate decoration
Simple photograph or postcard picture frame

Bonfire Night

Firework sensory tub


A roundup of all my Diwali craft and activity posts
A roundup of all my Diwali Rangoli craft and activity posts

Make a salt dough diva

Seasonal crafts for children

Diwali Rangoli with dyed rice
Simple homemade Diwali cards
Small Hama bead Rangoli
Large Hama bead Rangoli
Simple Diwali Burfi sweets
Dyed salt Rangoli

Seasonal crafts for children


Halloween Hama bead crafts round up
Paper plate spider web decorations
Spooky window decorations

Seasonal crafts for children

Simple Halloween party ideas for children
Halloween decorations from toilet roll tubes
Halloween Hama bead house
Halloween Hama bead coasters
Halloween sensory tub
Hama bead witches for Halloween
Hama bead napkin rings or small decorations
Hama bead witches tea light decoration
Halloween Ice Block excavation activity
Making a Halloween tree
Autumn and Halloween wreaths

Seasonal crafts for children


Ideas for filling a wooden Advent calendar
Decorating a wooden Advent calendar
Christmas gift ideas for young children
Homemade Advent Calendar
Christmas busy bag
Hama bead Christmas baubles

Seasonal crafts for children

Felt Christmas stockings
Tapestry Christmas stockings
Nativity Play Shepherd's costume from a pillowcase
Reindeer handprint Christmas cards
Gingerbread house
Simple childhood Christmas crafts
Hama bead snowflake bunting
Mini Hama bead Christmas figures
Paper plate Christmas wreath
Crochet wreath
Salt dough hanging ornaments

Seasonal crafts for children

Sporting Events

World Cup 2014 poster

Collage Olympic rings
Olympic torch
Euro 2012 flags

Seasonal crafts for children

You can find all my seasonal crafts in the Pinterest board below:

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