Friday, 6 February 2015

A Valentine's themed jewellery box

I'm a Bostik Blogger, and every month I receive a box of themed craft materials along with some Bostik products. This month the theme was Valentine's Day, and as Mia has recently started collecting together little treasures with nowhere to keep them I decided that together we would make her a heart themed jewellery box.

Valentine's Day themed jewellery box craft

It's really simple to make and is a great way to corral tiny bits and pieces together. You can also customise it with the child's name and they can take pride in adding their own little touches.

Valentine's Day themed jewellery box craft

Here is how we made it:


Small, sturdy cardboard box
Something to cover it with - for example coloured duct tape, paint or wrapping paper
Decorations - for example stickers, plastic jewels, foam stickers, coloured paper and cardboard, washi tape
Adhesive for your decorations - we used Bostik micro dots


The most important thing is to find a suitable box. It needs to be sturdy and easy for a small child to open and close.

Valentine's Day themed jewellery box craft

My box originally held a bathroom accessory. I modified it by removing the side flaps on the lid and cutting the front hinge down so that it easily opens and shuts. Then I used coloured duct tape to cover the entire box. I hid the messy edges under the lid with some pink cardboard, and used some pretty washi tape around the top and bottom.

Valentine's Day themed jewellery box craft

Then I let Mia loose with the decorating. She was very eager to use the large plastic gems that she found in our pack, and I found that the Bostik micro dots were brilliant for sticking them firmly. I'd not used them before and they were fantastic, a sheet of tiny sticky dots which you just press something against to give it a sticky backing. It also worked really well for the foam heart stickers. I cut the letters of her name out from glittery red cardboard and she also found some letter stickers to spell her name.

Valentine's Day themed jewellery box craft

She was so pleased with it, and showed it off to Harry as soon as he was home from school. This meant of course that we then had to sit down and make him one as well! It's so nice for her to have her own place to keep little things that are important to her (although I'm not sure it will stop her leaving them lying around the house!)

The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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