Thursday 27 September 2012

Halloween Craft - Really simple spooky window pictures

If you are looking for a really simple craft to do with little ones, then these spooky window decorations are perfect. They can be made easily even by really young toddlers, and they look really effective when displayed in the window, whether during the day or at night.

How to make spooky Halloween window decorations

To make the window decorations, all you need is thin black card, some clear contact paper (sticky backed plastic) and tissue paper in suitable Halloween colours.

First cut out your shape from the black cardboard - I made a pumpkin and a haunted house. Then place the entire piece of card onto a face up piece of clear sticky backed plastic. Tear some coloured tissue paper into small pieces, and help your toddler to place them onto the sticky areas. You can add detail to the image by positioning cut outs from black card, like the face of the pumpkin or the windows of the house.

Child crafting for Halloween

When you have finished, fold over the edges to provide a bit of extra adhesion to the tissue paper. It might not look like much from the front:

Halloween window decorations for toddlers

But when the light is behind them I think they look very spooky! They are so easy to make that you could come up with different ideas every year and cover an entire window.

Simple Halloween window decoration craft

I've written about lots of things that you can do with very little ones at Halloween. My children both loved the Halloween sensory tub that I put together and the Halloween ice block excavation activity. They also had a lot of fun with this make a monster busy bag.

Finally, if you are planning a Halloween party for little ones you might like this post - some simple Halloween party ideas for children.


  1. These are wonderful :) I am planning on doing some of our window but need to get more sticky back plastic

  2. Such a great idea, and really easy to do. x

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