Thursday 6 September 2012

In the rain and little red boots

It rained today, which meant that it was time to get the wellingtons out. I remember very clearly the first time that I put Harry in wellingtons and took him out in the rain. He walked normally along the pavement, then when he reached his first puddle he immediately stamped in it. It was as though some sort of puddle-jumping instinct had just kicked in. However when I set Mia down next to some puddles she just looked at them suspiciously, before delicately walking straight through them. Even though Harry was right next to her showing her how to jump in them. An example of a classic boy/girl difference?

These little red boots have been handed down through the family. I used to wear them myself. Quite an unusual family heirloom, but a useful one at least!

Children wearing red wellingtons


  1. Didn't Fredward Bear use to wear them as well?

  2. Definitely a boy girl difference I think!

  3. So cute. I saw a kid that looked like Harry at Field Place trains a few weeks ago, when I was with my mum, we couldn't see you though, so don't know if he has a double out there! :)

    (P.S. I've moved my blog to wordpress and am not really on twitter much anymore - long story)

    1. It probably was Harry, he was there with my Mum and Dad! I will try and track down your new blog :)


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