Friday 21 September 2012

Adventures with Cravendale and Epic Straws

Harry has a bit of a fascination with pipes and plumbing, so he was delighted to take delivery of two sets of Epic Straws from Cravendale as a part of their latest promotion. Firstly we built the two sets. Harry wasn't much help, but I think I managed quite well on my own. He twigged immediately what they were for, and couldn't wait to get going with the drinking. Since we received these straws I have had no worries about his liquid consumption.

Playing with Epic Straws from Cravendale

I was challenged to come up with something more creative than just following the instructions. So I decided to incorporate the straws into one of his toys. His toy house fitted the bill perfectly, with lots of windows to poke straws through and two little old ladies to look on in bemusement.

Playing with Epic Straws from Cravendale

We've been playing with these straws for several days now and they've been brilliant. They come with a little net bag for washing the pieces in, or you can just suck some water through them! Harry has worked out how to build his own creations now, and he keeps proudly calling me in to show me what he was built. Fantastic!

We received two sets of Epic Straws and some vouchers to buy Cravendale milk. 


  1. They look wonderful, what a great idea. Perfect for a budding plumber like Harry, he can plumb his own house now!

  2. I remember Crazy Straws from childhood, but this is amazing!

    1. They are fantastic, I think that the promotion involves collecting codes from milk if you fancy some of your own!

  3. well done on your win Jennifer, enjoy the spending


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