Wednesday 11 June 2014

Patterned paper week to view wall calendar

This week my crafting has been inspired by a lovely book which I've been sent to review. Petit Collage by Lorena Siminovich (affiliate link) is packed with easy craft projects to brighten up your home. My first project from the book was this dry erase week to view calendar.

Dry erase week to view calendar craft project

We use Google calendar on-line to keep our family diary in sync, which works very well, but I find that I also like to have a visual plan of the upcoming week to help keep me organised. I used a cheap glass clip frame (two for £2 in Asda) and some pretty patterned paper (Spring Patterned Card and Paper Pack from Baker Ross, which I also used for my Ikea wooden drawers). The project is adapted from the Dry-Erase Dinner Planner in the book.

Dry erase week to view calendar craft project

I made the calendar A4 size. I began by choosing and cutting out my rectangles of paper. In the original project the days are arranged underneath each other, but I wanted a bit more space to write so I divided the calendar up into eighths, leaving a final rectangle for extra notes. I tried to choose paper with a small pattern so that it wouldn't detract from the writing over it.

Although I tried my best, for some reason I'm just not very good at measuring! Fortunately that didn't matter, as I was able to use some thin washi tape to mark out the boundaries between sections. I finished it off with the initial letters for the days of the week, using the template included with the book. Then I clipped it into the frame and mounted it on the wall.

Dry erase week to view calendar craft project

Luckily I had a dry-erase marker to hand. For now the pen is stuck to the wall beside the calendar, but I may look at purchasing a magnet to affix and stop it getting lost. Here is the finished calendar in situ in the kitchen, as you can see we have an exciting week, and it's proving very handy!

Dry erase week to view calendar craft project

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  1. You did a great job - love the colours you have chosen! :)


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