Thursday 2 July 2015

Review - Laser Pegs light up construction set

Harry has been having fun recently playing with Laser Pegs after we were sent the Laser Pegs 8-in-1 Helicopter Construction Set (affiliate link) to review. Laser Pegs are a construction kit, a standalone set that can be expanded with other sets in the range, and are also compatible with most similar brick based construction toys. They come with a battery powered base plate, and when you connect your finished model it lights up and flashes.

Laser Pegs construction kit review

The pieces look very cool when you take them out the box. You have a triangular base piece, several clear electrical pieces, and a big pile of translucent coloured bricks in different shapes, sizes and colours.

This particular set can be used to create 8 different designs, although the box only includes the instructions for one model, the helicopter. The rest of the instructions can be downloaded online and printed which isn't ideal, it would nice if the instructions for at least a couple more models were included. Harry (6) had no problems following the instructions once he'd got started, but he did need a bit of help clicking some of the bricks together as they were a little stiff. We found it was a good idea to sort the pieces out by size, as the instructions are in black and white and pieces of different sizes are the same colours.

Laser Pegs construction kit review

Harry soon finished his first model - the large helicopter - and he was thrilled with it. He was pleased enough even before connecting it up, and when we'd plugged it in to see the model light up he was thrilled. The triangular base takes two AA batteries (not included), and you can press the button in the centre to scroll through a few different settings, with different types of flashing and non flashing lights.

Laser Pegs construction kit review

Next Harry was very keen to start building his own models, and he soon had the method of connecting the bricks to the power source worked out and was able to build a little car. The bricks are fully compatible with his Lego bricks which is fantastic, and offers all sorts of further opportunities for imaginative building.

We received this set in exchange for a review, Amazon link is affiliate.

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