Wednesday 22 July 2015

Lots of Lasts

We seem to be a little behind the rest of the country, in that today is our last day of term before the summer holidays. These last few days have really dragged, I can't wait for the summer to really start! But I've also been feeling a bit sad, because come September both children are going to be at school and everything will change once again.

Over the last couple of years since Harry started school, Mia and I have built up our little routines, and it will be sad to see them go. Of course it's not always been easy, Mia misses Harry when he's at school and it's a lot easier to entertain them when they are both at home. I've also not much enjoyed all the running around on the days that Mia goes to nursery in the morning.

But we've had our special times, like Tuesday afternoons when I picked her up from nursery and we walked home slowly so that we could wait for the buses from Harry's school to pass us, and wave to him on his way to swimming lessons. Or dawdling on the walk home so that she could add to her collection of pinecones and feathers. I'll miss our weekly Thursday morning play date with her friends, and I'll even miss taking her along to the supermarket with me for our weekly top up shop and buying her a gingerbread man.

Mia will continue her two mornings a week at the nursery over the summer, which will be nice as it will give me a little bit of time with just Harry. Although I'm expecting us to be quite flexible, and she may not make it in for every session if we have something else planned.

She's very excited about starting school, we have some of her uniform sorted already and she doesn't seem to have any worries or concerns. Harry is also looking forward to having Mia at school with him. In just a few short weeks it's going to feel like a very long day until I collect them both from school at 3pm. Or at least it will at first, I'm sure that I'll get used to it!

Children walking down footpath together


  1. Aww! It all sounds very exciting but a little sad too....I'm sure you will get used to it quite quickly....hehehe Enjoy the summer :) x


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