Friday 10 July 2015

My patchwork mobile phone case

I blogged recently about how I'd been inspired by BritMums Live to try my hand at patchwork again, and I'm so proud of myself now for finishing my patchwork mobile phone case!

Hexagon patchwork mobile phone case

I'm afraid that I can't really offer a tutorial for the phone case as I made it up as I went along. I started by creating my piece of patchwork, made using the English paper piecing technique where you tack the fabric around paper hexagons before sewing them together along the edges, then remove the paper pieces. You can find a good introduction and tutorial for the technique here.

Each of my hexagons measures one inch across, and I made a long strip four hexagons across which was long enough to go around the length of the phone twice with some left over for a flap at the end. It was pure luck that the pattern worked out allowing me to match the hexagons over the flap!

Hexagon patchwork mobile phone case

I backed the patchwork piece with some lining fabric (actually a cheap pillowcase) and sewed up the sides using my sewing machine. I was recently very kindly given the sewing machine by my friend's Mum and I'm still learning how to use it so it was a great opportunity to have some practice and become more familiar with it. The flap is closed with a piece of velcro. I toyed with the idea of adding some padding inside but I'm glad that I didn't as I think it would have made the case far too bulky, it's quite soft enough as it is.

The case isn't finished to a particularly high standard, the stitches are probably way too visible and the inside of the flap is a little bit of a mess (not to mention the wonky sewing machine seams), but I made it all by myself and I'm very proud of it!

The dark green flowered fabric is Nel Whatmore Sketch Book and was in my BritMums Live goody bag from Lady Sew and Sew. 

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  1. Just found you.Love your creation it is lovely well done you.i am also learning on my machine and quilting which I love,especially hexagons.I go to a quilting group where I live in Cornwall,just starting a large hexagon runner for Christmas.


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