Saturday 18 July 2015

Review - Palace Pets Mini Collectible toys

Disney Palace Pets are a group of royal pets that live with the Disney Princesses. They each have a vague resemblance to their Princess, and they also inhabit their own secret kingdom called Whisker Haven, which the princesses cannot enter. The television series Whisker Haven Tales follows their adventures in this magical world.

Despite a fairly good all round knowledge of Disney Princesses I wasn't familiar myself with the Palace Pets, although both children knew what I was talking about immediately when I mentioned them, as they love watching toy videos online! They were very excited when we were sent four mini Palace Pets to review - Bibiddy, Treasure, Blondie and Lily.

Disney Palace Pets review

Each Palace Pet has a back story to explain how they met their Princess. Bibiddy is Cinderella's pony, a wedding present from the Fairy Godmother. Treasure is Ariel's kitten, that she met on Prince Eric's ship. Blondie the pony met Rapunzel during a parade to celebrate the princess' return and Tiana met her kitten Lily while working in her restaurant. Most of the princesses do have more than one pet, although they aren't all available as figurines.

Disney Palace Pets review

There are twelve figures in this series to collect, and they are available in packs of two, with a larger set containing nine of the pets also available. These toys are smaller (4-5cm in height) collectible versions of the original Palace Pets.

The little animals are very sweet. They are quite small, but the perfect size to go along with the 12 inch character princess dolls, of which Mia has several. She loves carrying them about with her, especially when we go out in the car, and they fit nicely into her little handbags. Although I thought that they'd appeal more to Mia, she immediately chose two of them to give to Harry, and they've actually been playing with them together. Mia's favourite Princess is Ariel and she loves cats, so she was particularly delighted with Treasure.

Disney Palace Pets review

I think that they make very sweet little toys for children that are fans of the Disney Princesses.

We received two packs of mini Palace Pets to review - Bibiddy/Treasure and Blondie/Lily.

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