Saturday 12 September 2015

Autumn and Halloween crafts from Baker Ross

I love being a member of the Baker Ross bloggers network! In my latest box I received some lovely autumnal crafts, as well as some fantastic Halloween crafting products.

I have very fond memories of making pom poms when I was little, and the Hedgehog Pom Pom Decoration Kits were perfect for sharing the fun with my little ones. You make the pom pom around the foam shape itself, along with a couple of cardboard rings, and because they are quite small you can make the pom pom up pretty quickly. They come with ribbons for hanging, but mine wanted to keep them as they were so that they could play with them.

Of course in Autumn we also have Halloween, and Baker Ross have a huge range of Halloween crafts - great if you are hosting a Halloween party or if you want the children to help decorate the house for Halloween.

We started with these Skull Keyring and Bag Dangler Sewing Kits. Harry managed the sewing of his easily, and Mia coped pretty well with a bit of help. I really love them, they are so bright and colourful and although we followed the suggested instructions you could really be as creative as you want, and with three in the pack you can mix and match the decorations to make some really unique creations. They make lovely decorations, or you can hang them from a bag or keys.

Halloween crafts for children with Baker Ross

We also had a lot of fun with these Halloween Mosaic Wand Kits which were perfect for the children to get on with by themselves. They just need to match the coloured foam stickers to the background, and because the stickers are sparkly they look really good. They were both very proud of their finished creations, and I'm planning on sticking them into a couple of my indoor plant pots for some Halloween spookiness!

Halloween crafts for children with Baker Ross

Next we made some Spider Weaving Placemat Kits. A large spider is made from foam and the coloured ribbons are woven through. Mia didn't get on very well with this as she's not quite worked out weaving yet, but Harry enjoyed it. He did get a bit fed up before he'd finished the weaving though, and decided to just stick the remaining ribbons on to the spider's feet to finish him off! This would look pretty cool stuck on the front door I think.

Our final Halloween craft was some Bat Handprint Decoration Kits. The children drew around their hands on to a foam sheet and cut them out to make wings for the bat, then the bat was decorated using ready cut foam shapes. The children were both very taken with that craft, and when they had made their bats they went on to make them clothes out of black paper. 

Then they decided between themselves to make a bat cave for them from cushions and blankets, which Harry decorated with a Lego bat and Mia filled with 'treasure' made from Duplo. Playing these bats occupied them for most of the afternoon, so overall a brilliant craft in my book!

Halloween crafts for children with Baker Ross

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.


  1. What great creations! I love those Halloween Mosaic Wand Kits....They look so cool x

  2. I have the hedgehog pom-poms but for the life of me can't work out how to complete it. How are you meant to complete the circle, the foam shape is in the way, please help?

    1. You're right, the foam shape is in the way of the circle so it does make it a little awkward, I found that I had to sort of wrap the wool around diagonally so that the space was covered and then when I cut it and fluffed it out it all evened out, I hope that this helps


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