Tuesday 8 September 2015

An end of summer garden update

It's a nice sunny day today, but it's definitely feels like the end of summer. It doesn't seem to have been such a warm one this year, we've not spent as much time out in the garden as we usually do and the number of barbecues that we've managed has been rather pitiful. Still, now the children are growing up I've had more time to spend on the garden this year, and it's looking tidier than it ever has before! There's still plenty of work to do before winter so hopefully we'll have a few more warm days for the last bits of clearing up.

Our apple tree has done brilliantly this year. We've had so many apples. I've made one apple cake so far with another planned for later, and our neighbours have made apple and strawberry jam. The apple tree definitely needs pruning this winter, it's starting to look a little unkempt, hopefully that won't affect next year's crop.

Late summer garden update

I was really pleased with the petunias that I planted earlier in the year. They flowered all summer and still have loads of flowers on them now in all different colours. Definitely something to plant again next year.

Late summer garden update

The vegetable patch has been doing very well too, we've had lots of runner beans and I managed to keep the tomatoes pretty much under control. There are still lots of green ones though, I hope that they ripen up before it gets too cold. I think there are some potatoes growing in there as well but I've not investigated yet, the whole vegetable patch needs a good clearing out but we've run out of space in our garden rubbish bin!

Late summer garden update

I've enjoyed spending a bit more time in the garden this summer and I'm finally starting to be happy with how it's looking. 

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