Wednesday 30 September 2015

Four weeks in to a term with both children at school

I can't believe that it has been almost four weeks since Mia started school! It has definitely been an adjustment for us all. Mia has settled into school beautifully. She accepted it completely, trots off happily every morning, and settles herself down in the classroom with some colouring without a backward glance. Harry is doing well too, he has settled well into Year 2 and is enjoying his new topics.

Mia in particular finds the time after school a bit of a struggle. I try to console myself with the thought that she's been behaving all day at school (or at least we've not heard anything to suggest otherwise!) but when she's back at home with me she can release a full day of pent up emotions in a safe environment. That doesn't always help when that couple of hours before tea can feel like a bit of a shouty battleground when they can't settle to anything. I try to have a couple of activities on hand so that they've got something to get on with, and I've also restocked and rearranged our after school busy boxes, which keeps them entertained for a little while at least.

I've been very much enjoying my new freedom, even if it does feel a little self-indulgent at times. I've been tidying and cleaning around the house, without small children assuming that I've left home and abandoned them if I move more than two rooms away. I've been decluttering like mad, and have taken bags and bags of outgrown books and toys to the charity shop. I've cleared out and swept the garage and packed all the summer things away for the winter.

I've also been out for coffee with friends and had grown up conversations that lasted for a good couple of hours without any interruptions. I've even managed to teach myself to crochet, and I visited my Mum by myself and we crocheted together for a whole morning without any distractions!

Granny squares in progress

At my desk, I've been writing and planning blog posts, and managed to earn a little bit of money by doing so. I'm also saving up cardboard boxes for an eBay selling spree, and of course many times I just sit quietly for a few minutes with a hot chocolate, enjoying the silence in the house.

I do miss the children when they are at school , and sometimes I feel quite lost. But of course there is still plenty of looking-after-children to be done, with homework and reading, lunchboxes, making dinner, tidying and general entertainment and amusement. I'm also going to be helping out with swimming and reading at the school in their respective classes. It will just take me a bit of time to adjust!


  1. It might sound harsh but I am really looking forward to little man starting next year. I know I will miss him when he goes but I really want to declutter etc and I am hoping for more quality time, rather than me trying to do everything around him x

    1. It is nice to be able to get things done around the house by yourself, and yes it does mean that I can relax a bit more when they are around because I know that all the jobs are done!

  2. Nice to hear that they are enjoying school!
    My Little Man is also enjoying the topics in year 2. My Little Miss has just started going to Pre-School, but she is at the 'scream and cry that she doesn't want to go' stage, which is a little hard, but I know it will pass! Enjoy your free time, it's well earned!

    1. Oh dear, yes it will pass but it's hard while they are doing it, I hope that she settles soon. Thank you!

  3. Glad they're both enjoying school you're not alone in the after school melt downs though. Ours a really a Monday thing I suppose after a weekend Monday can feel a bit full for little ones at school all day. Often they bicker and it's hard to get them into anything because they're so tired! They seem to liven up come bedtime!
    I've also been enjoying the freedom though I've had a trip out alone, arranged coffee afternoons and seen my relatives alone too which was lovely as it's been a while. I've also blogged more some weeks and gotten my own decluttering done too!


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