Saturday 23 January 2016

Jigsaw review - The Inventor's Cupboard

This week I've been enjoying completing a new puzzle from Ravensburger that I've been sent to review - The Inventor's Cupboard from Colin Thompson.

The Inventor's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

I've reviewed a couple of other puzzles which use Colin Thompson's illustrations and enjoyed them very much, so I was very keen to see this one. His puzzles are beautiful, with lots of intricate detail. They can be a little daunting at first, because there are often no large blocks of colour or obvious ways to sort the pieces, but once you get started you quickly get to know the image and can begin to put the different areas together.

The Inventor's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

I began the puzzle with the large white area at the top of the image which I thought would be the easiest place to start, but it ended up being more complicated than I expected and was actually where the last pieces of the jigsaw ended up! Instead I found it easier to concentrate on the bolder colours, like the reds and the yellows.

The Inventor's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

Once I'd got going I found that it was quite straightforward to complete the puzzle, and it didn't take me too long. I really enjoyed searching through the box for particular pieces, or pulling out an interesting piece and finding where it went. It was definitely a puzzle which required constant reference to the finished picture, and it was really handy to have a separate copy of the illustration apart from the one on the box as then you can use both halves of the box to help sort out the pieces.

The Inventor's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

If you enjoy challenging puzzles with lots of detail then this is definitely a puzzle for you! I have been lucky enough to review another couple of puzzles by Colin Thompson and you can find the reviews here - The Gardener's Cupboard and The Red Box.

I received this jigsaw in exchange for a review.

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